Low Back Pain Course Overview

Hamstring Stretch Assisted

Exercise for Low Back Pain

  Position: Start in a kneeling position on one knee, keeping your body vertical. Bend the opposite leg in front of you at about 95 degrees. Keep the pelvis tilted backwards. This would be tucking your butt under Movement: Lightly contract your abdominals and glutes, while you lung forward into the stretch. Note: Keeping your […]

What is Myofascial Release?


What is Myofascial Release

Vitamin and Supplement Matters

Have you looked at the ingredients of your vitamins? Most supplements contain allergens, chemicals and fillers. These types of supplements do not give you absorbability, which means they cannot effectively be used by your body. This is very limited nutrition and can have negative side effects on your body. Pure Encapsulations wanted to make the […]

Posture Check

Posture Self Test Stand in front of a mirror. Step 1 – March in place for a few seconds then stop. Look down at your feet. Which way are they pointing? Out to the sides, or straight ahead? Step two– look at your ears, is one higher than the other? This is a head tilt […]

Post Mastectomy Therapy

Often, after mastectomy surgery due to breast cancer, you may have scar tissue that causes restrictions causing pain and limiting mobility.  Implants can become contracted creating pain, restricted motion. Other painful symptoms also, may include restricted breathing, tight feeling in the chest or pectoral muscles, mid-upper back, ribs and restricted range of motion in shoulders […]

Myofascial Release for Pain Relief

INTRODUCTION The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is a gentle form of sustained pressure into the myo-fascial restrictions. (myo is muscle) that has a profound effect upon the body tissues, which helps restore injuries and overall body homeostasis.Because of its gentleness, many individuals wonder how it could possibly work. To help you understand, we […]