Corrective Exercise Therapy for Chronic Pain

Corrective Exercise Therapy For Chronic Pain

Online Posture Correction Therapy

We’re here to get you feeling better, so you can move better. This is accomplished remote, in the comfort of your own home. Online posture correction therapy—also known as virtual, digital, or telehealth. — this is an effective treatment when an in-person visit to a clinic isn’t possible.

When your body is out of it’s proper alignment, it creates premature wear and tear on the joints, therefore creating pain and dysfunctional movement patternes. Learn more about Body & Soul Wellness Center’s online exercise therapy treatment. We provide you with high-level services in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home.

CORRECTIVE EXERCISE THERAPY is a specialized posture program to increase mobility and eliminate chronic pain and also increase strength so, you can get back to enjoying the things you love. This method involves doing simple yet, gentle EXERCISES and STRETCHES that may be similar to YOGA or PHYSICAL THERAPY. We evaluate the entire body, not just where you are having pain. Our corrective exercise therapy is different in that it is based on your POSTURE AND MOVEMENT EVALUATION. This is NOT a cookie cutter type of THERAPY PROGRAM. Call to see if this is for you.

Muscle Tightness Can Cause Misalignments In The Body Thus, Causing Pain And Dysfunction.