Michelle Corson Bio

Myofascial Therapist

FEEL DRAMATIC RESULTS in your first session. Most clients have at least 50% reduction in pain and some 80 – 90% in less than an hour using our latest formulated system. If you want results like this, it requires YOU to be committed  and have the DESIRE to become pain free! 

For more than three decades, Michelle Corson has served those with chronic pain, traumatic injuries,and a multitude of neuromuscualr problems.  Although, she is a diplomate of many extended courses of study and a certificate holder from numerous seminars and professional conferences, Michelle’s practice centers upon Myofascial Release, Craniosacral (MFR) and Posture Alignment Therapy.

Already a skilled massage therapist, Michelle heard about the gentle treatments used in MFR and Craniosacral, which were resulting in significant pain relief and remarkable life change. A 1989 seminar led her to the modern approach to this ancient healing method taught by John F. Barnes. It was a transformative event and the perfect marriage of painless healing and a committed healer. Since that day, Michelle has devoted herself to the service and clinical experience required to achieve the rare and coveted Barnes rating of  “Expert.”

Michelle is a perceptive listener and intuitive practitioner whose only focus is improving the lives of her patients. Whatever the nature of your pain, positive results have frequently been achieved in a single visit.  If you have tried every conventional avenue to find relief from pain and disability and been disappointed, Michelle would be happy to receive your call and start your healing.


Conditions Successfully Treated:

Back and Neck Pain, Low Back/Sacro-Iliac/Sciatica, Headaches, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Disc Bulge, Shoulder/Rotator Cuff, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Neurological Dysfunction, Restricted Movement, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs (Foot Pain), Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Hamstring/Strain/Sprain and more…

Postural Alignment Specialist – The Egoscue Method Certified

Exercise Therapy/Postural Corrective Exercise Strategies

Graston Technique: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Assisted Stretching: The Mattes Method:

Practitioner assisted stretching.  We also give home stretching and therapeutic exercises for you to do at home to help progress the healing process.

St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy includes:

Cervical (neck) Injuries, Postural Analysis & Pelvic Stabilization

Pain Mechanisms of the Low Back

Shoulder, Upper Torso, Spinal Column & Extremities

TMJ Dysfunction, Hands, Feet & Eyes

Neuromuscular Components of Cranial Decompression and Scoliosis

Reiki level 2  – Energy Healing

Kinesio Taping – 2010

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique – 2009

Cranio Sacral Therapy – 2004 Upledger Institute

Certificate in Nutritional Counseling – 2003

Certified Personal Trainer, (NCSF) 2002

Soft Tissue Approaches to Peripheral Nerve entrapment – 2001

Pregnancy Massage – 1998

Thai Massage – 1997

Approach to Neck & Shoulder Pain -1996

Approach to Soft Tissue Therapy – 1994

Shiatsu – 1993

TMJ Syndrome – 1990

Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment -1990

Myofascial Release -1989

Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction, Trigger Point

Seminar Network School of Massage – 1990