Post Mastectomy Therapy

Often, after mastectomy surgery due to breast cancer, you may have scar tissue that causes restrictions causing pain and limiting mobility.  Implants can become contracted creating pain, restricted motion. Other painful symptoms also, may include restricted breathing, tight feeling in the chest or pectoral muscles, mid-upper back, ribs and restricted range of motion in shoulders and arm. Swelling and general upper body weakness may also be caused from mastectomy surgery.


How We Can Help

Manual therapy techniques such as Myofascial Release, “The John F. Barnes Approach” scar tissue releases, joint mobilizations, stretches and light strengthening.


“In November 2003 I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. On January 2, 2004 I had bi-lateral mastectomy surgery with full reconstruction. Although, after the surgery the Dr. gave me some “mild” exercises to do for my arms and shoulders in order to prevent loss of mobility, yet the pain and discomfort in my chest, ribs and limited breathing capacity still remained. It was not until I received Myofascial Release, the John F. Barnes Approach was I able to take in a FULL breath and NOT have that gnawing pain anymore.”  All those years it felt like living in a “STRAIGHT JACKET.”

Patricia Weller, Myofascial Release Therapist