Posture Alignment Therapy

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What is posture alignment therapy?  Postural alignment therapy uses the muscles of our body through a series of individually designed repositioning, strengthening, stretching or functional exercises to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. Each exercise is specific to your posture deviations. The exercises are designed to facilitate normal muscle function and interaction. Muscles that are balanced work properly and provide the body with the ability to move more efficiently. This therapy is combined with Myofascial Release for best results.

How can this help me?  When your posture is compromised, different muscles are being used to help you to move the bones, which mean your muscles are working overtime – to do whatever task you are asking your body to perform; this is compensation. To simplify, you are now having the wrong muscles moving your bones inefficiently and incorrectly. Bones do what the muscles tell them to do. The muscles that should be working are turned off or not in use, and the muscles that should not be working are turned on.

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Proper Alignment is when the shoulders, hips, knees ankles are directly stacked on top of one another.

Your Session:

~ We take 4 digital photos. (front, back, left, right sides)

~  Functional Movement Test – (Identifies dysfunctional movement patterns and asymmetries within the body that cause limitation.)

~  Design and implement a personalized postural exercise therapy program. (This will be slowly implemented for each session.)



This is a unique biomechanically based system of combined movement pattern evaluation and comprehensive joint motion analysis. It will identify postural deviations, detect muscular imbalances, and show movement limitations that collectively create compensation, cause pain, inhibit performance and deteriorate overall health.


What to wear:

~  Running shorts, tank top or sports bra.

~ We need to be directly on the skin when performing manual therapy techniques.



What You Will Receive:

~  A digital email of your posture

~  A printed or emailed personalized exercise program

~  A better understanding of your posture

~  Equipment may be optional