Posture Check

Posture Self Test

Stand in front of a mirror.

Step 1 – March in place for a few seconds then stop. Look down at your feet. Which way are they pointing? Out to the sides, or straight ahead?

Step two– look at your ears, is one higher than the other? This is a head tilt and a sign of possible neck misalignment.

Step three – Look at the shoulders; they should be level, if they are not this is a sign of a mid back misalignment

Step Four – Place your hands on top of your hips, if one hip is higher than the other this could causes misalignment of your spine, low back or hip.

Looking from the side (you will need someone else to check this for you)

Your ear should be directly over the middle of your shoulder – If your ear is forward of this you have forward head posture. For every inch your head posture is forward, add 10 – 12 pounds to your entire spine. How can I improve/correct my posture?

There are treatment principles specifically designed to help improve or correct posture. These may include Myofascial Release Therapy as well as a specific muscle retraining program combined. The first step is to have your posture assessed by a trained health care professional.

Myofascial Release (John Barnes Approach) Therapists at Body & Soul Wellness Center specialize in this area of expertise. Please call to make your appointment today.