Quit Smoking Naturally

Laser Therapy with USA Quit Smoking for smoking cessation is a biophysical, chemical-free application of light stimulation energy to nerve endings on the surface of the auricle (ear) to physiologically alleviate symptoms of nicotine withdrawal by redirecting the flow of energy through neurological pathways and signaling molecules, thus creating balance of mood, thoughts and physical symptoms. Laser Therapy is a preventive health therapy that takes into account the individual, circumstances and environment as a functioning system.

There are many options available to help people become smoke free such as pharmaceuticals, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and counseling. How does one know what is the right approach for them? Consider the following:

1) Counseling can be helpful but may not be enough for some individuals.

2) NRT is in effect providing the same drug in another form without addressing the underlying neurobiological imbalances associated with smoking. Some people smoke while using the patch. Certain health conditions preclude the use of nicotine patch, so check with your doctor on this.

3) Some pharmaceuticals currently advocated for smoking cessation cause numerous dangerous adverse effects such as suicide justifying the issuing of FDA warnings (Feb. 2009).

4) Laser Therapy with USA Quit Smoking is a safe, natural and environmentally friendly option for most. It is generally not used during pregnancy, cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, schizophrenia, and other severe mental health disorders such as depression.

It is natural, without adverse side effect and is especially useful for individuals who are unable or unwilling to use chemicals in therapy.

Program Format- Smoking Cessation and Appetite Regulation

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