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body and soul wellness massage therapy

Massage Therapy

We offer many types of massage therapy including Myofascial Release, John F. Barnes Approach. This type of Advanced Massage Therapy uses sustained pressure with a stretch that is applied to the fascia or connective tissues to release restrictions, correct faulty posture, eliminate pain and restore proper motion.

body and soul wellness myofascial release

Myofascial Release for Pain Relief

Myofascial Release is a specialized type of manual/massage therapy that uses sustained pressure  into the connective tissue called fascia. Myofascial release will safely and gently release the entire myofascial complex creating lasting results

body and soul wellness stretch therapy

Stretch Therapy

Active Assisted Stretching is a very specific and advanced form of stretching that lengthens and releases deep, myofascial connective tissue. Beyond typical stretching methods, Active Assisted Stretching targets individual muscles in a progressive and systematic format.

body and soul wellness Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

Relax, recover and detox in our far infrared sauna and chromotherapy. Unlike the old style of saunas where you sit and just sweat out toxins, the infrared “light” penetrates deep into the tissue, resulting in healing the body from the inside out, on the cellular level. It is NOT just about sweating.

body and soul wellness neuromuscular massage therapy

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy/Re-education

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy/Re-education(NMT) is a unique blend of manual therapy techniques that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain.  In order to identify the cause NMT uses posture, movement, and flexibility assessments to create a comprehensive therapy program that includes the six stages of Rehabilitaton:

body and soul wellness self care treatment

Self Care Treatment Videos

Expert Myofascial Release, is the only solution that gives you guided, step by step instructions, delivered to you on a silver platter, structured and easy to follow systems and strategies to eliminate pain and improve mobility. These techniques and strategies are non traditional and non medical to get you past pain simpler and faster. Learn this once, use it for a lifetime.

body and soul wellness corrective exercise therapy for chronic pain

Corrective Exercise Therapy for Chronic Pain

We’re here to get you feeling better, so you can move better. This is accomplished remote, in the comfort of your own home. Online posture correction therapy—also known as virtual, digital, or telehealth. — this is an effective treatment when an in-person visit to a clinic isn’t possible.

Posture Alignment Therapy

Postural alignment therapy uses the muscles of our body through a series of individually designed repositioning, strengthening, stretching or functional exercises to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. Each exercise is specific to your posture deviations. The exercises are designed to facilitate normal muscle function and interaction.

Free Posture Evaluation

1 On 1 Posture Alignment Therapy To Eliminate Pain, In The Privacy Of Your Home.

Posture Therapy Is Right For You If:

  • You have tried other therapies and are still hurting
  • Want to feel and look better
  • You want to become self – sufficient in your own healing

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