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I was suffering from frequent headaches for about 2 years and I was desperate to end the pain. I sought treatment from several medical professionals in the area but unfortunately everyone seemed stumped at finding the source of my headaches. A colleague recommended Body & Soul Wellness Center to me.

My first MYOFASCIAL release treatment with Patricia Weller left me amazed. Not only did I find answers to my headaches, but also, caring, professional therapist who is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is passionate about myofascial release therapy and it shows from the moment you walk into her office. She gave me tools to work with to manage my headaches between treatments and every time I walk into her office I feel so cared for. I am happy to say 90% relief from the actual headaches with 300% freedom from the pain. I am confident the headaches will completely diminish as I continue treatment.

I highly recommend Patricia and Body & Soul Wellness Center to anyone in search of needing any kind of relief because I believe she can help you as she has helped me.

Alana Walker


I am currently being treated by Michelle for Myofascial Release for the pain in my right shoulder. I was unable to move my shoulder above my head, extend it behind my back or reach to touch the opposite shoulder. After the first session, my range of motion improved tremendously and the swelling went down. After the third session, I now have full range of motion in all directions and am pain free.

Michelle is a great practitioner of her art and I would recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, I do recommend her services to my patients.

Dr. Delores Bussie

Michelle and Patricia have been able to help me begin to regain my life back after 5 years of immense chronic pain problems. I began practicing yoga when I began going to them, and it’s all been very enlightening– doctor’s can’t seem to help but these two women trained in John F Barnes Myofascial therapy have helped more than any medication or procedure ever has. They work hard and care about their clients.

Lauren Amado

I found Body and Soul Wellness Center online following an auto accident.  Not only do they make the process of direct billing insurance easy for their clients, but they also offer unmatched massage services.  I have been to my share of massage therapists over the years and the difference is clear when you go to someone who is well educated and who is passionate about what they do.  As a nurse, it is important for me to know that the people I see for care are as knowledgeable in their fields as I am in my own. 

Michelle Corson is by far the most intelligent massage therapist I have ever treated with, and her knowledge on body mechanics as well as the influence of fascia is incredible.  Having someone who can listen to me describe my discomfort and translate that into a uniquely customized massage experience is the reason I choose Body and Soul Wellness Center for my care.

Kristin Finley


To those who don’t believe that pain CAN be alleviated..you haven’t tried Body & Soul Wellness Center…You’ll leave well educated, relaxed, and PAIN-FREE! I know…they are helping ME! Besides, when I stand straight, I feel taller! And we all know that I could use all the help I can get!

Donna Ozar Goldfarb

After 10 years as a client and friend, I am soooo happy to say that your massages are one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, comforting, healing and rejuvenating experiences I can think of. After many years and quite a few different therapists, it’s easy for me to say “When you’ve had the best, why try the rest?” It’s always a pleasure to be at Body & Soul where the atmosphere, staff and peaceful surroundings are like an oasis of positive energy and comfort.

Leslie Deluccia

Avid Cyclist

Michelle Corson is an excellent massage therapist. Her technique is both strong, and her approach is comprehensive. I can recommend her with confidence to any serious athlete who desires a serious massage and stretching.

Denis Johnson

PHD. Golfer, 1.6 Index

Receiving a weekly massage during my pregnancy has been one of the best things I have done for myself. It relieves muscle soreness and tension. It has helped reduce fluid retention and overall it is a calming and relaxing experience that helps contribute to my overall health and well-being.

Stacey Vertucci

I love Body and Soul. Patricia and Michelle have saved me from having foot surgery and have eased my neck pain for over 10 years

Marie Silvani

Avid Tennis Player, Runner

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