Car Accidents

Jun 6, 2022

If you have been in a car accident you most likely have caused trauma to the soft tissue/muscles of your spine or other part of your body such as neck, back or head. The most common injury is whiplash or strain/sprain of the neck.

whiplash injury

Your doctor may prescribe massage therapy as part of your treatment plan, but not just any massage. It is imperative your therapist be experienced and has advanced massage therapy techniques and education in their tool box. By incorporating a variety of modalities you will get much better results as opposed to only one type of massage technique. Prior to seeking massage therapy you need to get a prescription from your doctor. It must have the following: Diagnoses, procedure or modality, example: massage therapy, and how often.

Immediately following a car accident depending on the severity, you may have pain or discomfort.

If you do not have pain immediately after the accident it can show up days, weeks, or possibly even months later. You need to see your doctor for a thorough exam before soft tissue therapy. You want to make sure you do not have any severe trauma, as this would be contraindicated. In most cases massage/manual therapy for soft tissue injury is indicated and will help heal the injured area. If left untreated scar tissue builds up also causing compensations of the muscular system and therefore causing worse problems.

Massage helps aid in recovery of soft tissue injury, stress and anxiety from the accident. Soft tissue injuries, (soft tissue is muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia) invisible on x-rays are often overlooked and, can cause severe debilitating pain after a car accident if not treated properly.

As a guideline, if your vehicle has accident damage of any sort, your body will most likely have injury damage also.

It may show up much later causing long term or even permanent problems. The point here being, regardless of the severity of a car accident, you should be checked out thoroughly by a health care professional as soon as possible.

If you’re in pain and have been injured from an auto accident, don’t wait any longer to get the care you rightfully deserve.

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